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The Pini Group is an agglomerate of 5 company across Europe with facility in Italy , Hungary and Poland.

In Italy Pini owns 3 plants, one Processing plant were we make Brasaola, a typical Italian dry beef salumi, And two slaughterhouse, Pini Italia and Ghinzelli SRL.

Hungary is home of the first slaughterhouse of the group , Hungary meat KFT.

The largest slaughterhouse of Pini Group is located in Poland, it is the slaughterhouse of Pini Polonia

Pini Polonia Sp. z o. o. has started the operations in April 19, 2010, it currently is the biggest and most modern plant in Poland with more than 30% of the polish market share and it is the third plant in Europe for Pig production. The Plant can process 16,000 heads a day, 80,000 a week, and 4 Million a year. The huge quantity processed at the plant is supported by 14 deboning lines that are helping to have a smooth production. The carcasses are classified based on the SEUROP classification system of common market. Pini is very focused on the internal Polish Market and has collaboration with the biggest Polish and European supermarkets, which we supply 1500 tons of fresh product weekly. The modern technology and the high quality of the plant ensure the safety and quality of our product, the plant is certified with BRC, ISF and the HACCP program.

We have authorization to export in more than 85 country, the EU union, USA, Canada, Chile, Singapore, Hong Kong, Africa, Ukraine and many more, the main export market is the USA / Canada market with more than 2500 tons a months and Hong Kong with 3000 tons of product monthly.

By consistently implementing strategy to trade and distribution facility to strengthen its position in the domestic and export market Pini is becoming one of the most famous Brand in the business.

The central location of the plant in Poland ensure the availability of the product to our customers and a team of experienced staff is always available. Pini is always participating to Food exposition across the globe to ensure a direct contact with current and new costumer.

The Pini Group is founded and owned by the Pini family, an Italian family that has been working in the meat business for generations.

From the small processing plant in northern Italy Pini has developed his business to become one of the biggest Pork meat company across the globe with offices in Japan, China, USA, Italy and Romania.

The Pini family has always been in the meat business, here some important dates for the family business development:

1982, Pini started the production of Bresaola, an Italian dry beef ham, a very famous and traditional Italian product made from the best cut of topside beef.

1987, he first plant was built, Pini Bresaole SRL was born to start the industrial production of the product.

1989, the Bresaole plant was expanded to accommodate the expanding business need.

1994, Pini Bresaole went under the third expansion, the capacity of the plant became 30.000 pieces of Bresaola weekly.

1997, Pini started to build his first Pork slaughterhouse in Hungary, Hungary Meat KFT, the plant has a 30,000 pigs a week capacity.

2010, Pini move in Poland were the one of the biggest and most modern plant in Europe was build, Pini Polonia Sp. z o. o., the plant has a capacity of 80,000 pigs a week.

2012, the Hamburger Pini Plant was built to slice the meat from the slaughterhouse for Supermarkets and the very demanding Asian market. The plant can work 1500 tons of product a week.

2013 , Pini purchased two Italian Slaughterhouse, Pini Italia ( ex Bertana ) and Ghinzelli SRL, the two plant combined have a capacity of 40,000 pigs a week.

2015, We have the establishment of a new processing plant, Pini Polska Sp. z o. o., a company that is specialized in cooked, dry and ready to eat products, with a total capacity of 2000 tons of finished product a week.


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